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Pimenton de la Vera Sweet 370 g./13Oz. Tin

Size:13 Oz.
Sku: PMTS0370
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Pimenton de la Vera Sweet 370 g./13Oz. Tin

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Rust red in color with a unique smoky flavor, Pimentón de La Vera or sweet smoked paprika by La Dalia is the secret ingredient in countless Spanish recipes. It is this intense smoky flavor that sets it apart from the bland paprika found in most grocery stores. Made from freshly harvested peppers smoked for 15 days over encina oak wood fires, this Pimentón is slightly sweet tasting with an intense smoked flavor.

The peppers used to produce La Dalia Pimentón de la Vera are hand-harvested each year in early autumn. Just after harvesting, the peppers are sent to wooden smokehouses filled with the smoke of encina oak wood fires. For 15 days, the peppers are dried in this intense smoke. Once dried, La Dalia grinds the peppers on traditional granite millstones - resulting in a silky, rust-red paprika that is both deeply flavored and smoky.

This product is available in two versions, hot and sweet, being the hot slightly warmer than the sweet version. We also have different sizes of each version.

Tasting Note

The taste is comparable to smoked paprika but in a special spanish way, which you cannot explain in words. The spices gaves every spanish dish the absolutely perfect, intensic and authentic not of the spanish cuisine.

Food Paring

Sweet smoked paprika is a key ingredient in authentic paella. Beyond paella, it is an excellent spice to use for flavoring potatoes, stews and sauces. Sweet smoked paprika's smoky, intense flavor is also fantastic with roasted meats, chicken or fish.

Logistical Information

Net Drained Weight allergens WEIGHT (Lbs) unit Case WxLxH (inches) Refrigerated? Cases/Layer in pallet Layers in pallet Case Bar Code Unit Bar Code
N/A N/A N/A 1.13 Each 8.5x10.5x4.25 FALSE 70 16 N/A 8411388020252